eCool beer cooler takes beer cooling underground

ecoolKeep your drinks cool the old fashioned way. We are talking very old fashioned here. The eCool beer cooler does not use any electricity. Basically you will be burying your beer underground like a crazy beer pirate.

You dig a hole in the ground, deep enough to fit the cooler, and then you just put the device in and let nature do the work for you. That part sounds good. The eCool cooler will hold 24 cans and is meant to be a one time installation kind of deal, so you can keep it there all year round. Of course once your friends and the teens next door know about it, your beer will likely get stolen. But hey, there is always a downside.

The hand crank allows users to either pull up a new can of beer, or lower a new can into the ground. It won’t make icy cold beer, but it should keep your beers somewhat cool enough to drink. If you live in a cold climate this is perfect. The eCool beer cooler will cost you $300. Expensive? Sure. But it beats not having cold beer.